Embrane heleos, the industry’s first multi-service software platform for powering application-centric firewalls/VPNs and server
load balancers

Embrane heleos Overview

Embrane heleos is the industry’s first multi-service, software platform for powering application-centric network services, including firewalls, VPN termination, server load balancers and SSL offload. Embrane heleos is purpose-built for any organization looking to design data centers where agility and automation are priorities, including private/hybrid/public cloud environments.

Embrane heleos delivers substantial levels of agility – rapid service provisioning, non-disruptive elasticity, multi-tenancy at scale, and programmability – leading to the ability to dynamically adapt to changing business requirements, infuse network flexibility without adding complexity, and recognize significant CAPEX and OPEX savings over integrated hardware-based systems and traditional virtual appliance offerings. Embrane’s application-centric approach to delivering network services enables customers to deploy applications faster.

The platform empowers network teams to deliver the agility that modern IT organizations require while maintaining operational consistency with the way networks and systems are managed today. Its unique architecture and automated provisioning capabilities enable Embrane to deliver the flexibility of on-demand application-centric layer 3-7 network services with performance and scalability that previously was possible only through integrated hardware-based systems.

Embrane Application-Centric Network Services run on industry-standard x86 servers and leverage a distributed architecture that decouples network services functionality from the underlying physical infrastructure, providing unmatched scalability, flexibility and performance. With Embrane , network services can be provisioned in less than 90 seconds. Embrane heleos-powered network services are also elastic and can be non-disruptively scaled up or down, based on demand, in less than 30 seconds, simplifying capacity planning and eliminating the need for over-provisioning.

Current product offerings include the Embrane heleos-powered firewall with IPsec site-to-site and remote access VPN services, the Embrane heleos-powered load balancer with SSL offload and the Embrane heleos Elastic Services Manager (ESM), a single pane-of-glass network services orchestration engine for automated provisioning and service management. Each heleos-powered network service also includes the ability to participate in Virtual Topologies (vTopologies) to deliver flexible Layer 3 overlay networks.