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Tag: Hiring a 360 degree photographer in Lowell MA

What is 360 Degree Photography?

360-degree product rotation is a type of interactive photography, where users can rotate the object left and right, front and behind to give a 3D view perspective. It gives customers a whole different view of the photos in an interactive way.

360-degree item photography is such a touchy and included topic since items come in such a variety of shapes and sizes. Some might be extremely reflective; some may have measurements that will discourage you from essentially dropping them on a turntable, and some may have highlights that can be just highlighted when shot from a specific point while swinging from the top and with an individual lighting setup.

The more constraints you have in your 360 photography setup, the less choices you get available to you for making smooth 360 item sees. It’s likewise vital to have the capacity to speedily evaluate how your item show up from various edges with a given setup before you begin the real generation of 360 item pictures.

The photography concept is well suited for e-commerce websites selling clothing, products, electronics, gizmos, and gadgets apparels and gives clients a chance to view the object in a rotation 3D technique, giving users an enhanced shopping experience as if they were at the store looking at the product all around. This 360 concept will complement existing 2D images.

To create 360 product rotation animation, a sequence of still photos is taken on a turntable clockwise, then it has to be photo edited so that it is web optimized. The 360 photographer in Lowell MA will then program it to link the sequence of images together to make it viewable on mobile and desktop devices.

When hotspots are added, users can click on them to have a more in-depth information on that particular spot. Hotspots have to be manually programmed in as X-Y coordinates for HTML5, frame by frame.

The results of a 360 product rotation are rewarding. Imagine that a resident of Lowell walks into a store and sees a nice laptop though the window, and wanting to go inside to have a look, but the store is closed. The customer can go to the website and look at the product and spin it around interactively, just like as if the client saw it in person. Furthermore, instead of asking questions to a salesperson who is not available when the store is closed, the customer can instead click on hotspots to gather more important information in details.

This not only applies to electronics or gadgets but can also apply to high fashion clothing too. Users can rotate the clothing left and right, front and behind to give a 3D view perspective. A mannequin structure is required to hold the clothing in place during the sequence photo shoot. It is set on top of the turntable and manually rotated frame by frame, and then photo edited for web optimization and then programmed together to form an animation.

A turntable is required for this type of interactive photography with the subject at its center point. Furthermore, to achieve a pure white background behind the object, extensive photo editing is required, frame by frame within the sequence, so the photographer must be prepared to give a lot of time for this type of interactive photography.

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