By deploying Embrane heleos, enterprise networks are dramatically more agile, enabling the network team to be more responsive to changing  business demands

Use Case: Network Services Automation

The network is the life-blood of your enterprise. But in a world where compute and storage virtualization are driving new efficiencies throughout IT, including agility, multi-tenancy at scale and programmability, the traditional network can, unfortunately, be a bottleneck.

Integrating automation into network services provisioning and management while enabling self-service options for business units and functional organizations, not only streamlines operations and enables agility, but also frees up the networking team to focus on strategic initiatives – instead of struggling to simply keeping the lights on. These capabilities allow your enterprise to dynamically adapt to changing business requirements, infuse network flexibility without adding complexity and reduce capital and operational expenses.

Instilling this level of agility and automation while leveraging the economics of new technology powered by general-purpose compute puts you on a clear path to private cloud – and allows you to deliver real results today.


  • Network service provisioning takes too long and causes delays in time-to-service
  • Network operations are cumbersome and lack automation and self-service capabilities
  • Dedicated, multi-tenant network services are difficult and expensive to deliver
  • Granular chargeback mapping network services to specific usage is difficult or unavailable

Embrane Advantage and Customer Benefits

  • Automate provisioning and follow-on scaling for fast service deployment and to dynamically adapt to changing business requirements
  • Integrate cleanly and non-disruptively with existing network hardware to eliminate the need for a “rip and replace,” allowing enterprises to leverage existing investments
  • Maintain organizational and networking best practices for service, support and trouble-shooting of network services
  • Deliver true multi-tenancy with chargeback capabilities
  • Reduce CAPEX and OPEX by 50% or more via industry standard hardware and automated provisioning
  • Provide a clear path to private cloud