By deploying Embrane heleos, enterprise networks are dramatically more agile, enabling the network team to be more responsive to changing  business demands

Use Case: Dev-Test Labs

Applications drive your business. As such, application development has become critical to success. Modern businesses demand that IT organizations deliver applications and services with greater functionality, in less time, with greater stability – and you make significant investments to do so.

Unfortunately, as your enterprise organization develops new applications, the expense and rigidity of the network infrastructure often prohibit creating a development environment that mirrors your production environment. Frequently, enterprises are unable to fully put an application through its real-life paces before releasing it into production.

The result: problems are uncovered too late, applications break while in production, and precious development cycles are consumed putting out fires. These delays put the business and IT’s reputation in jeopardy. With Embrane Application-Centric Networking Solutions, all of that can change.

Simple view of Dev-Test and Production Environments on Embrane heleos

Enterprise Challenge

  • Insufficient access to network services in the development environment
  • Development environment does not mirror production complexity
  • Addition of network services in production often breaks applications
  • Troubleshooting and development often occur in production
  • Time-to-market is delayed; users are frustrated; revenue is lost

Embrane Advantage and Benefits

  • Cost-effectively stand-up layer 3-7 network services early in the development and test phases
  • Enable developers to provision network services on-demand during development with self-service environments
  • Share compute power among multiple projects with park/unpark capability
  • Transition to production more smoothly and quickly with stable applications that increase customer satisfaction and competitive advantage