By deploying Embrane heleos, enterprise networks are dramatically more agile, enabling the network team to be more responsive to changing  business demands

Application-Centric Network Services for the Enterprise

Enterprises are facing new challenges and IT is experiencing pressure like never before. Storage and compute products have become more agile – with the ability to deliver rapid provisioning, elasticity, multi-tenancy at scale and programmability - to meet business demands, but the network has lagged. There is growing pressure to respond more quickly to user and customer demand, adapt to changing requirements, deliver services faster, and do more with less.

All too often the network is seen as the bottleneck because network administrators just don't have the tools to meet these demands. It is one of the primary reasons why the industry is abuzz with talk of network virtualization and Software-Defined Networking (SDN). Enterprise IT must rethink how they architect their networks to become more application-centric in this a new, more agile world.

Embrane offers the industry’s first multi-service, distributed software platform for powering application-centric network services. Embrane heleos-powered firewalls (with IPsec site-to-site and remote access VPN services) and server load balancers (with SSL offload) are purpose-built for enterprises designing agile data centers where automation and agility are priorities, including private/hybrid/public cloud environments.

By leveraging its distributed architecture, Embrane enables your enterprise to rapidly deploy full-featured layer 3-7 network services with the agility – rapid provisioning and elasticity – you expect from software, and the performance and scale of hardware devices.

Embrane enables your enterprise IT team to drive business value in a variety of ways. For example, you can build a more intelligent dev-test environment; infuse a new level of automation into the network; rapidly and cost-effectively provision network services as part of a disaster recovery initiative; or enable a private cloud offering. With Embrane, your enterprise IT team can experience game-changing benefits that enable:

  1. Agility - Dynamically adapt to changing business demands
  2. Operationally Simplicity - Infuse network flexibility without adding complexity
  3. Savings - Reduce CAPEX and OPEX