By deploying Embrane your service provider business can save millions of dollars in upfront capital expenses while offering new services faster

Lower Capex; Higher Margins; More Services and Revenue Opportunities

The Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and managed hosting markets are highly competitive. Meanwhile you’re attempting to differentiate your business and provide value to your customer base, while still growing revenue profitably. You have to show your customers that you can provide enterprise-class services better than they can themselves; better than they can get from the likes of Amazon Web Services; and for less money. Not an easy task.

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Embrane heleos offers a very compelling alternative to current network services options. With Embrane heleos you can do three key things:

  1. Introduce new, more customized services faster;
  2. Grow revenue and profits; and
  3. Improve customer satisfaction/reduce customer churn.

Current offerings for network services such as server load balancers, firewalls and VPNs come in essentially two flavors: physical or virtual. While both options have some advantages, the short-comings of each result in leaving money on the table; spending too much money upfront; and/or not allowing you to compete for certain business. Embrane blends the best of each approach to deliver scalable, flexible, application-centric network services. By deploying Embrane heleos-powered services, your CSP and/or hosting business can save millions of dollars in upfront capital expenses compared to hardware appliances while achieving a triple digit ROI and gross margins of 70% or more.