Embrane powers the agile network, delivering a new paradigm in network services. Learn more about Embrane and heleos in the resources below

Increasing Revenue, Margins, and Differentiation with heleos

Service providers around the world are racing to find new and innovative ways to provide enterprises of all sizes with robust cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings. When it comes to the network, the challenge has been finding unique ways to offer value-added services that enhance availability and security such that enterprises gain comfort in moving business-critical applications to the cloud.

Embrane offers a differentiated approach for service providers with heleos, the industry's first multi-service, distributed software platform that powers on-demand application-centric network services such as firewalls, VPN termination, server load balancing, and SSL offload. Purpose-built for agile data centers and private/public/hybrid cloud environments where agility and automation are priorities, Embrane delivers the agility - rapid provisioning, elasticity, multi-tenancy at scale, and programmability - and cost savings users expect from the cloud.

A software-based solution, the Embrane platform runs on industry-standard x86 servers and works with any hypervisor technology to eliminate vendor lock-in. It leverages a distributed architecture that decouples network services functionality from the underlying physical infrastructure and hypervisor technology, providing high scalability, flexibility and performance. With the Embrane platform, a typical layer 3-7 application-centric network service can be procured, provisioned and configured in less than 90 seconds. Embrane Application-Centric Network Services are also elastic and can be non-disruptively grown/shrunk, depending on specific business requirements, in less than 30 seconds.

Beyond the innovative technical approach to delivering these networks services, the Embrane platform offers cloud service providers a strong business benefit, the ability grow revenue, increase margins, and provide clear competitive advantage by offering new layer 3-7 network services to their customers.

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