Embrane Trumps Your ACE

Replace Your Cisco ACE and Get a Year of Free Elastic Load Balancing

Recent news reports confirmed that Cisco is discontinuing development efforts of its Application Control Engine, or ACE line. Embrane is offering you an opportunity to recoup your investment in the soon-to-be obsolete product line. We are offering you a special ReplACE promotion* that will give you free load balancing and move you straight into a new, more agile network.

The Embrane heleos- powered elastic load balancer is a next-generation virtual appliance designed for traditional and software-defined networks (SDN). The on-demand network service delivers highly scalable and elastic server load balancing to improve application and network performance. The heleos-powered load balancer delivers substantial levels of agility.  Embrane customers benefit from rapid service creation (under 2 minutes), non-disruptive elasticity, multi-tenancy at scale and programmability - as well as significant capital and operational cost savings over hardware- or traditional virtual appliance-based offerings.

And, remember, with Embrane's next-generation, elastic load balancer you can:

  • ReplACE inflexibility with agility
  • ReplACE rigidity with elasticity
  • ReplACE long provisioning times with deployment in seconds

If you want to learn more about how Embrane can Replace your ACE and enable you to deliver services faster, seamlessly respond to changing business requirements and save money, please fill out the following form and someone from Embrane will be in touch. You can also call us at 408-550-2808, or email us at relacetheace@embrane.com.


*Terms of the Promotion (Option 1): For each ACE module or appliance you replace with Embrane’s heleos-powered elastic load balancer, Embrane will give you one year free subscription that matches the capacity of your existing ACE module or appliance. In exchange, customers will return the discontinued ACE appliances to Embrane once the replacement product is installed.