Network services orchestration engine for heleos-powered services

Embrane heleos Elastic Services
Manager (ESM)

The Embrane heleos Elastic Services Manager (ESM) is a network services orchestration engine that streamlines the deployment and lifecycle management of the Embrane heleos-powered firewall/VPN and the heleos-powered load balancer as well as virtual appliances from partners such as A10 Networks, Citrix, Cisco and Sourcfire. With the ESM, customers benefit from substantial levels of network agility, including rapid provisioning of network services, the ability to non-disruptively grow or shrink services, and automated network service insertion and chaining all from a single point of management. For the 3rd-party virtual network services, the ESM also eliminates the complexity associated with license management - a manual process without the ESM.

ESM Projects allow the allocation of network services resources to specific administrators and can be used to build application-centric Virtual Topologies (vTopologies) as well as environments designed for secure multi-tenancy.



The Embrane heleos ESM simplifies capacity planning and network engineering tasks and lets administrators define new services, non-disruptively grow or shrink service capacity, and turn-up new users quickly and easily. Using the Embrane heleos ESM, customers can efficiently automate the provisioning of layer 3-7 network services across diverse physical and virtual environments in a transparent and consistent manner.

The Embrane heleos ESM accelerates and simplifies provisioning of network services by automatically allocating and managing physical resources across each service. It automatically configures the underlying physical x86 hardware and virtual resources, allocating compute resources to Embrane heleos-powered network services based on administratively-defined policies.

The Embrane heleos ESM eliminates management complexity and expedites deployment by automating upfront provisioning and configuration tasks as well as effecting dynamic, run-time changes. With the Embrane heleos ESM, heleos-powered firewalls/VPNs and heleos-powered load balancers can be provisioned in less than 90 seconds.