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Embrane Offers Aggressive Trade-up Incentive to Help Cisco ACE Customers Avoid a Disruptive Transition

Embrane ReplACE Program Creates Opportunity for Increased Agility, Programmability and Free Load Balancing Vs. Cisco ACE


Santa Clara, Calif., October 15, 2012 – In the wake of reports citing Cisco’s plans to cease production of its Cisco Application Control Engine (ACE) product line, Embrane - the leader in delivering on-demand virtual network services for traditional and Software Defined Networks (SDN) – today announced aggressive trade-up incentives for Cisco customers fearing disruption to their network infrastructure when ACE is discontinued. Enterprises and service providers that ReplACE their Cisco load balancers with Embrane’s heleos-powered, elastic load balancers will receive a one-year free subscription that matches the capacity of their previous ACE module or appliance.

In addition to being a full-feature next-generation load balancer, Embrane’s load balancer delivers increased agility – rapid provisioning and programmability – that traditional platforms, including Cisco ACE, cannot match. The heleos-powered elastic load balancer can be provisioned in seconds, non-disruptively grow or shrink on demand, and support multi-tenant environments with dedicated network services currently not available from other vendors.  

“Customers should not be forced to put their mission-critical network infrastructure in jeopardy when vendors unexpectedly change their plans for a product and stop production,” said John Vincenzo, vice president, marketing, at Embrane. “We’re not only offering customers the peace-of-mind of having a next-generation, elastic load balancer, we’re also helping them create a much more agile network without the disruption of re-architecting their networks. We enable the network and the networking team to maximize agility and value for their organizations by building virtual network services to match virtualized compute and storage.”

Embrane's heleos enables on-demand delivery of high-performance layer 3-7 network services, giving enterprises and cloud service providers a much more efficient and elastic network. Embrane’s heleos-powered virtual network services are designed to clearly provide layer 3-7 functionality with the performance of purpose-built hardware coupled with agility, dynamic provisioning, non-disruptive elasticity, multi-tenancy and cost savings neither Cisco ACE nor traditional hardware and software-based load balancers cannot match.

Embrane’s multi-service software architecture enables layer 3-7 network services such as Firewall/VPN and Load Balancing/SSL Termination as a service, greatly accelerates service delivery, improves ability to adapt to changing business requirements and reduces costs while improving operational efficiency.

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