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Embrane Launches Support for XenServer

Industry’s first virtual network services platform supports multiple hypervisors; enhances application programming interfaces (APIs) for increased programmability

Santa Clara, CA – March 20, 2012 – Embrane™ today announced its heleos™ solution – the first multi-service software platform that dynamically scales out on demand to power any virtual network service such as load balancers, firewalls, virtual private networks (VPNs) and SSL termination – now supports XenServer version 6.0. 

Targeted to cloud service providers (CSPs) and enterprises building internal cloud infrastructure as a service offerings, Embrane’s heleos, which officially launched in December 2011, also supports VMware ESX and ESXi versions 4.0 and 4.1, providing customers the ability to leverage heleos in diverse hypervisor environments.

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heleos uses a pool of standards-based x86 servers and leverages basic compute virtualization technology to extract granular portions of compute resources that are used to create network service instances.  The open platform leverages a scale-out architecture to instantly support dynamic application and compute workloads.  It is designed to work in multiple network environments and is not constrained by existing or new technologies. Embrane will continue to add support for other hypervisors as customer demand calls for it.

“Since we introduced heleos to the market, we continue to see tremendous demand for adding new levels of agility and programmability to the network, particularly with layer 3-7 network services,” said John Vincenzo, vice president of marketing for Embrane. “By adding support for XenServer and several enhanced APIs, heleos meets the diverse requirements of cloud service providers and enterprises, while delivering the automation, scale-out performance and elasticity necessary to power network services in a dynamic data center.”

With this new version of the heleos platform, the heleos Elastic Service Manager (ESM) can provision heleos Distributed Virtual Appliances (DVAs) on Xen with the same performance and capacities as a heleos DVA on VMware.

In addition to the support for Xen, Embrane enhanced the new REST APIs for both the heleos ESM and heleos DVAs. The APIs allow for faster integration with customer portals and operational support software, as well as improved tracking of flow data.

About heleos

Embrane’s heleos uses a pool of standards-based x86 servers and leverages off-the-shelf compute virtualization technology from any hypervisor vendor, to extract granular portions of compute resources. It then dynamically assigns them to network service instances. When more capacity is needed, more compute power can be pulled from anywhere in the pool and non-disruptively assigned to a service. Capacity can be doubled in seconds, or grown eight times in less than a minute. Similarly, when capacity needs to be reduced, it can be dynamically scaled back down.

About Embrane

Embrane’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of cloud computing and IT-as-a-service by delivering the most dynamic platform for virtual network services. Based in Silicon Valley, Embrane delivers the first distributed software platform that powers high-performance, elastic, virtual network services on-demand. Visit for more information or connect with us on Twitter at