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Embrane Delivers Lifecycle Management for Cisco Virtual ASA and Sourcefire Virtual Appliances

Santa Clara, CA – March 25, 2014Embrane,® the leader in delivering application-centric network services, today announced that it will deliver a lifecycle management solution for the Cisco Adaptive Security Virtual Appliance (ASAv) and the Sourcefire virtual appliances. The combination of the Embrane heleos® platform and the Cisco virtual security solutions offer enterprises and service providers the most complete application-centric network security for data centers where agility and automation are priorities.

By leveraging the Embrane heleos platform and the Embrane heleos Elastic Services Manager (ESM), customers can dedicate Cisco ASAv and Sourcefire virtual appliances as needed for any application. As the premier lifecycle management solution for virtual appliances, Embrane heleos will provision virtual security instances in minutes, automatically insert them in the network, assign rules and policies to a specific application, enable self-healing high availability (HA), and automate the licensing and usage monitoring for each virtual appliance.

While virtual appliances provide elements of the agility and cost savings enterprises and service providers are seeking, they still require manual procurement and provisioning. Additionally, licensing, billing and management increase complexity and operational costs. In use cases such as a private/public/hybrid cloud, self-service dev/test labs, or disaster recovery where automation and multi-tenancy are key, this can limit the effectiveness of virtual appliances. By integrating with the heleos ESM for lifecycle management, the limitations of virtual appliances are eliminated. Customers achieve the ability to adapt to changing business requirements, infuse network flexibility while simplifying operations and save money.

“The Cisco ASA and IPS virtual appliances deliver scalable security for real-world applications in physical, virtual, and cloud environments,” added Scott Harrell, vice president of product management for the Cisco Security Business Group. “Embrane’s lifecycle management solution for Cisco’s virtual security appliances adds the elasticity and agility that our customers need, while significantly reducing cost.”

In addition to managing the lifecycle of potentially hundreds of dedicated virtual appliances from a single point, the Embrane heleos ESM adds even greater functionality to virtual network services including:

  • Park/Unpark – when a network service is no longer needed for a particular application, the ESM will power down the virtual appliance, release its resources from the virtual appliance, park it and save the layout, configuration, logs, etc. When/if the virtual appliance is needed, the ESM will non-disruptively add compute power back to the appliance and reinstate it.
  • Cloning – if a network service needs to be replicated, the ESM creates duplicate network services with the exact image, layout and start-up configuration as the original.
  • Self-Healing HA – When HA is requested, a single click tells the ESM to create active/standby HA pairs. In the event the active appliance goes offline, the standby appliance becomes the active device and the ESM automatically creates a new standby appliance to ensure continued redundancy.
  • Programmability – The ESM leverages RESTful APIs that enable integration with new or existing tools, while enabling high levels of automation.

“We founded Embrane with the vision to create the platform for deploying virtual network services – both ours and third parties,” stated Dante Malagrinò, co-founder and CEO of Embrane. “By integrating with Cisco ASAv and Sourcefire virtual appliance we bring the power of an agile network to customers and give them the choice they want for best-in-class network security solutions.”

The current release of Embrane ESM will support lifecycle management for Cisco ASAv at the end of Cisco’s third quarter of its fiscal 2014. Support for Sourcefire virtual appliance on the Embrane ESM will be available in the second half of 2014.

About Embrane

Embrane is the leading enabler of application-centric network services, including firewalls, VPNs, load balancers and SSL offload engines. The company’s solutions enable customers to create network services on per application basis in seconds, all managed from a single orchestration engine. The result is greater security, and faster time to deployment for applications. Additionally, customers achieve over 50 percent savings in CAPEX and OPEX compared to integrated hardware-based systems and traditional virtual appliance offerings. These solutions are purpose-built for enterprises and service providers looking to design data centers where agility and automation are priorities, including private/hybrid/public cloud environments.