5 Infallible Tips to Improve the Design of Your Email Marketing Campaigns


In some cases, email marketing campaigns may have errors that really affect performance; for this not to happen you must pay extreme attention to the small details, which in the end will make a big difference.

Many email marketing campaigns neglect the sense of what they are really looking for. It’s not just about sending thousands of emails with an attractive flyer, to simply say: “I’m here, look at me”.

Email has reached up to 82% of businesses in the United States, undoubtedly an excellent statistic that will encourage you to learn about this digital marketing strategy.

How to Create Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

1. A real strategy

An email marketing campaign must be supported by a strategy that seeks to meet the objectives set. This strategy needs to be articulated, showing the steps and ways in which the goal is expected to be met.

The objectives must be measurable so that once the campaign is over, you can make your own measurements and obtain the expected or unwanted results.

2. Do not confuse our content

In email marketing, there are terms such as mailing and newsletter, which in no way should be confused. The mailing is a kind of advertisement that describes a certain product/service and can be broadcast on a massive scale.

In any case, the newsletter has more informative features, which makes it a mailing that can be done more regularly.

This is important to know because definitely sending a mailing type publication with a certain periodicity will end up becoming a spam.

A gold standard that any email marketing strategy should have is to try to have balance in the shipments made. Do not exceed the number of emails, but do not forget that your customers need to see the information, promotions, and products you have for each of them.

3. Make good segmentation

All your customers are not the same, some have tastes that others do not have, ways of being different and these characteristics definitely influence the zero hours, the moment to choose your product/service. The most important thing is that you get to know your audience.

In the first instance, it will tell you by far, how the user subscribed to your email marketing registration; a user who accessed through a landing page, shows that he is aware of your posts on social networks, that is important to know.

If the registration was made through a search in a search engine, it means that this user is looking for something specific. If your interaction within the site generates enough information for you to know what your interests are, definitely do not hesitate to use this data to direct an email marketing campaign.

To be successful in a segmentation, you must keep in mind that the metrics released by Google Analytics will be your main ally; if you neglect this tool, you probably won’t be able to reach the goals set at the beginning of the email marketing campaign, it would be a disorganized campaign.

4. A good design

Don’t forget that the design of your email marketing campaign is very important. An attractive design, well organized and that distributes well the content you want to reach your customers.

A newsletter must be marked by the colors and characteristics of your brand. You should also keep in mind that typography represents an important percentage of that shipment you are making. For the client and the user, it is strange to observe typographies that do not match the brand, it reduces seriousness and reliability.

Adding action buttons to that email marketing is another very important point. Calls to action, subscriptions, downloads, links to social networks, are things to consider to organize your strategy, do not neglect this aspect.

5. A record

Last but not least, registration is practically the most important part of your email marketing campaign. Your page must have space where the person can enter their data and email address.

If your page doesn’t have it yet, talk to your web developer to include it, so you can make the most of your page.

Try to keep this record as short as possible, people definitely don’t have time to fill out a form that takes more than 10 minutes. Help yourself with the layout you can make between registration and social networks.

The last recommendation that we should consider is the creation of a database to send our emails. Try to obtain it in an organic way, do not consider acquiring a database, because it will definitely be full of emails belonging to users who are not your task.


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